Functional genetic dissection of KRAS biology and therapeutics

Deep mutational scanning for mutations within the KRASG12C allele that confer resistance to the covalent inhibitors sotorasib and MRTX1257 (adagrasib analogue).

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Supplementary Information from growth in low attachment (GILA) measurements for the KRAS variants profiled in Ursu*, Neal* et al., can be found here.

KRASG12C bound to Adagrasib (PDB:6ut0)

KRASG12C bound to Sotorasib (PDB:6OIM)

Complete publication citation:

Awad, M.M., Liu, S., Rybkin, I.I., Arbour, K.C., Dilly, J., Zhu, V.W., Johnson, M.L., Heist, R.S., Patil, T., Riely, G.J., Jacobson, J.O., Yang, X., Persky, N.S., Root, D.E., Lowder, K.E., Feng, H., Zhang, S.S., Haigis, K.M., Hung, Y.P., Sholl, L.M., Wolpin, B.M., Wiese, J., Christiansen, J., Lee, J., Schrock, A.B., Lim, L.P., Garg, K., Li, M., Engstrom, L.D., Waters, L., Lawson, J.D., Olson, P., Lito, P., Ou, S.-H.I., Christensen, J.G., Jänne, P.A., Aguirre, A.J., 2021. Acquired Resistance to KRASG12C Inhibition in Cancer. New England Journal of Medicine 384, 2382–2393.

Supplemental GILA Measurements Citation:

Ursu O.*, Neal JT*, Shea E, Thakore P., Jerby-Arnon L., Nguyen L., Dionne D., Diaz C., Bauman J., Mosaad M., Fagre C., Lo A., McSharry M., Giacomelli A., Huong Ly S., Rozenblatt-Rosen O., Hahn W., Aguirre A., Berger A., Regev A., Boehm J. Massively parallel phenotyping of coding variants in cancer with Perturb-seq. Nature. Biotechnology (In press). (available on bioRxiv at.

Sponsored by the Aguirre lab at Dana-Farber Cancer Institute.